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Marketing Basics for Small Businesses

Marketing is often a monumental task for most business owners and managers. With more and more marketing channels in the horizon, it is now now even more difficult to see which ones work the most. How to begin?

Introduce yourself online.

There’s an insider joke among digital marketers that goes something like, you’re not really in this world if Google doesn’t know you are. It’s a joke alright, but in any case, there is a lot of truth going behind it.Fortunately, this is all too simple to do: go online, add your business on Google, and make sure every detail you have provided about your business is on point. This allows people to find you more easily when search the web.

Search-optimize your content.

First off, know what keywords are right for your website, and see to it that you will actually use them. However, don’t just put them everywhere or the search engines might just ban your site outrightBut be careful not to stuff them anywhere as you could be penalized by search engines, if not totally banned. Most importantly, produce content that is related to your business, especially subjects that your potential customers are most interested about.Therefore, if you offer financial services, create content about financial services. Keep in mind that Google won’t find you if you keep talking about things that your customers barely care about.

Get smart when using social media.

You should be at the center of the action: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and social media in general. However, don’t make the mistake that many have. Engage your customers and potential customers rather than being an unfeeling fixture. Be an active member of the social community, and when your customers or would-be customers talk to you or about you, respond sincerely. It’s a lot like making friends in person: you just can’t do it if you don’ really care about them.

Get in front of everyone.

Marketing with a computer screen is effective, but it’s not everything you can do. You have to get out there in front of your community as well. For instance, have one or two of your employees attend networking events, and let them introduce themselves and your company while building relationships.Know which networking groups exist in your area, or better yet, sponsor one of them.

Yes, email is still alive – and effective.

Finally, understand that email is far from dead. Social media marketing is undoubtedly effective, but remember that the people who will actually read your message will be few. With an email campaign, you can be sure that the big majority of your audience will actually find your message in their inbox. Now it’s up to you to make your email interesting enough for your recipients to wan to open it.

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